what is the Galaxy-Like, theory
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n Rajaei’s theory,[7] the prolixes are all, galaxy-like and are full of galaxy-like meaning. (Unlike the primitive and simple concepts) He himself has exemplified his antitypes often by the concept of "Water". Then he believes the concept of water includes too many concepts that each one is in the situation, the others, demand. Water as H2O, as a liquid, is the base of our life, its meaning in theosophy; the concepts in metaphysics, cosmology…all feeds hydrology. Each branch calls the needed proposition (These concepts are prolixes in creatololgy, if paraphrased) but the concept of water is a very it's simple Usage. Like when we say "some water please!" when we want to drink. That Is a common meaning is used by the man in the street. But this common meaning is not the same as the simplified meaning as he explained.