The concept of creativity
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THE CONCEPT OF CREATIVITY In a glimpse ‎ ‎(Hamid Rajaei, 2010)‎ Creativity (comes from creō Latin means: "to create, make etc…") is a mind skill, helps us to make any new idea ‎in any area through any way of mind skills. Then creativity is essentially not a knowledge or science. ‎But a kind of skill may be improved by some techniques and scientific ways.‎ Creativity is the ability of generating (as a skill) a new concept with no time, kind, manner, way, ‎technics, advantage, efficacy and subject limitation and restriction. But only indeed related to novelty ‎and precisely recency and just identified by recency of the concept. Whether established on an existent ‎concept made before or some is fundamentally made up. Whether created and made up by mind or ‎made by readymade mind material before. (Albeit in battlefield of philosophers)‎ This latitude and unconditioning, is because, any provision of time, kind, manner etc… is wrecker and ‎deleterious. The provisions are indeed expunging and leaving off some specimens of total creativity ‎trunk. Also snail, because creativity happens in many ways and includes variety and multiplicity in a way ‎balks such conditions all. Especially the shackles try to identify the technics. Because there are many ‎unsought ways of creativity may be happen upcoming or clammy, and inside the identification and the ‎conditions send it outside! ‎ ‎ This ability is just the essence of creativity maybe explained as a trend of thinking, more complexly ‎goes to be a presses of assembling and building up a concept by mustering, even unreal and ‎imaginary aspects. Brainstorming, lateral thinking, orbiting around a subject in 360 degrees vertically ‎and horizontally, begetting intentional chaos in ironed logical thinking, due to making the brain driven ‎to explore and conquer the views is not the norm and habited of brain and our cognitive and nerve ‎system.‎